The Abbey of Ferté is a well-known place of spirituality in Burgundy which has always created vocation for religious carriers in Europ and also all over the wolrd (Cluny, Citeaux and Taizé).
The abbey of Ferté is the first girl of Citeaux, established in 1113.
Very fast, the monks and the brothers lay develop their possessions and run vineyards in Givry. The Thenard family acquires the abbey in 1793 and is lucky to be so an owner of a part of the vineyards of the abbey.
The soil of Givry has a very ancient quality reputation which it considers of course of its argilo-calcareous grounds, but especially its Southeast exposed slopes and partially, as the best of them, the South.
It is the case of the Premier Cru " La Servoisine " that in the XIIth century was called "Em Sarvoignenes" and which appears in the possessions of the monks from 1170.